Sony Playstation Censorship Policy Details REVEALED By Wall Street Journal

Sony begun severely censoring games allowed on their platforms dating back a couple years, but as time has passed, more details have emerged detailing exactly what is going on behind the scenes. The big question remains, why is this happening?
According to Kotaku, The Wall Street Journal points to two main reasons for the new policy based on its conversations with unnamed Sony officials. The first is the rise of the #MeToo movement, a campaign to combat misconduct, and assault and change how those issues are discussed. It gained momentum in 2017 after multiple women accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of being a predator. The second is the growing ubiquity of streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube where explicit games coming out of Japan can find a global audience.

“Sony is concerned the company could become a target of legal and social action,” a Sony official in the U.S. told the Wall Street Journal.

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